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How can I boost my WiFi signal for free

How can I boost my WiFi signal for free

If you’ve set up a wireless network in your home and are still having issues accessing the network from some areas of the home then chances are you might be wondering how can I boost my WiFi signal for free,

well there are ways to increase your wireless signal and make your wireless network more accessible. Some of these options are totally free, but some are not.

Update your router firmware and network adapter:

This is one of your free options and definitely one you should try first. Routers and network adapters each come with factory-installed firmware.

Just like other types of software and operating systems, firmware is continually being improved and updated.

Simply updating the firmware in your router and network adapters to the newest version may improve your wireless signal to the strength you need.

       1) How to update router firmware 

for this, you need a default IP address of your router. Follow the below steps to find out your router IP address

first, open CMD Prompt from windows search 

Next Type “ipconfig” in CMD Prompt and hit enter

Now you can find your IP address under wireless LAN adapter WIFI: Default Gateway 

Once you got your IP address, open your browser and type your IP address and input your default username and password to know your router company model number

you can find the model number in the dashboard once you login

next, simply google the model number + Firmware download 

make sure to download the latest firmware from your particular router company’s official website 

       2) How to update the network adapter 

now in order to update your network adapter, there are two ways, one is an automatic method and the other is manual( simply google & download the latest version of your device model network adaper )

Automatic method

head to the device manager. You can get there by searching for it in the windows search bar.

Next, look for network adapters and click the drop-down menu

Next, locate the wireless network adapter and right-click on it

Next, select the update driver option

Next, click on search automatically for drivers to update automatically

If it says the best drivers for your device are already installed then you are good to go

Place your Router away from obstacles:

 choosing a good placement in the house is really important, for instance, if you place your router nearby many metal objects then there is a high chance that these metal objects will reflect and disrupt the wifi signal causing dead zones.

make sure to place your router away from walls and dead ends of the house
because wifi signals can travel efficiently in open space rather than thick
wooden walls and obstacles,

so it is advised to place your router in the center of the house or office
to get better signal strength evenly cover all the corners of the house or

Try to Minimize Interference

One of the most common sources of interference is other WIFI devices. If you have multiple WIFI devices in close proximity or you live in a crowded neighborhood like an apartment,

then other signals can interfere with each other and reduce the throughput of the network. This can be a major problem if you’re trying to use your network for video streaming like Netflix.

Electromagnetic Interference

Another common cause of WiFi signal interference is electromagnetic interference (EMI). This can be caused by electronic devices like microwaves, cordless phones, and baby monitors.

So avoid placing your router near common interference sources, such as microwaves and cordless phones, etc.

Add a second router:

Now we’re done with the free options, but this one is still fairly simple. You can add a second router to serve as a relay station.

You simply position the second router where it can catch and then project the signal of the first router in the direction that it is needed in your home.

Most routers now come with the option to change their settings to ‘access point’, which is what you would want to do with your second router.

It is also preferable to use the same manufacturer for your second router as you did for the first router. This will ensure stronger compatibility between the two.

Booster antennas:

This option may cost some money, but they are generally fairly affordable. A booster or hi-gain antenna plugs into the external antenna connection of your router. You then point the antenna in the direction that you need your signal boosted.


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