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What is ipv6 on my router

What is ipv6 on my router

so you might be wondering What is ipv6 on my router? well, Instead of going through all the technical terms, in simple words, IPv6 is a new version of the Internet Protocol which is going to replace the current IPV4 internet protocol in the future. IPv6 provides an increased capacity of over 340 undecillion addresses, which is more than enough to support the next generation of Internet users and services. IPv6 is backward compatible with IPv4, so you can continue to use IPv4 addresses while your network is upgraded to IPv6. IPv6 also introduces new capabilities, such as enhanced security and mobility.

Difference between IPV4 And IPV6

What is ipv6 on my router

Source: FCC Comparison Of IPV6 and IPV4

What happens if I turn off IPv6?

Technically there are no major differences even if you turn off or on IPV6. IPV6 was introduced mainly to solve the complex problem of running out of unique IP addresses all over the world on IPV4 protocol due to an increase in the usage of various electronic appliances which work on the internet like laptops, smartphones, and other IoT devices, etc.

Does IPv6 increase Internet speed?

What is ipv6 on my router


As I said earlier in this article that IPV6 was mainly introduced to cope with the issue of unique IP addresses that IPv4 was unable to generate due surge in the demand for newer devices that use the internet are being purchased by people all over the world day by day.

Does IPv6 slow down internet?

There will be no difference in the internet speed even if you switch to IPV6. some believe that IPV6 will slow down the internet but there is no strong evidence that suggests it is causing internet speed issues. In fact, it is designed to improve the security and efficient routing of the data packets over the network.

How do you tell if you are using IPv4 or IPv6?

IPv4 and IPv6 are two different versions of the IP protocol. IPv4 is the most common version and is used by most computers and networks today. IPv6 is a newer version of the IP protocol that is still in development.

To test if your computer is using IPv4 or IPv6, open a web browser and type the following address into the address bar: If you are using IPv4, the web page will display only an IPV4 address similarly If you are using IPv6, the web page will display an IPv6 address instead of an IPv4 address.

How do you tell if you are using IPv4 or IPv6

What does IPv6 do for WIFI?

IPV6 is the new version of internet protocol that is introduced to solve the global issue of  IPV4 running out of 4.3 billion IP addresses due to growth in various smart gadgets and laptops all over the world and also to improve the security of handling the packets of data, which some believe makes it slightly faster than the IPV4 protocol but there is no strong evidence that it is actually way faster than IPv4 protocol.

Should I disable IPv6 on my router?

To be honest, it’s better to stick with IPV4 as of now, don’t bother about disabling or enabling IPv6. Technically when you install a new router it comes with IPv4 protocol unless you choose to buy a specific IPv6-enabled router.

Should you enable IPv6 on your router?

There is absolutely no need of enabling IPV6 on your router as of now but in the future, you might consider doing it because eventually, everyone will start using it widely. Everything will work smoothly even on IPV4, so don’t worry about enabling it on your router as of now.

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